This Page is here to help you see the size ads and their price. This way you can see how big your ad will be.. you can also right click on any ad space and save it to your machine so you can work within the borders to build your ad.

Ad space development can be done by you or your webmaster and submitted for publication. Web space development done by us is $20.00 per hour some ads do come with free development time this does not mean the whole ad can be made in that time that will depend on your content.

Animated space can hold twice as much space.. all ads can be made animated by our webmaster or yours.. They must be approved by the webmaster.. This can slow down the loading of pages and we must test all animated ads to make sure they load without slowing the page loading..

Please put the idem number on the ad contract and Fax or mail it back to us along with your check,money order or credit card info..This will all be in your contract package

If you find that you need some size ad not listed here you can build the ad sumit it to us and we will price the ad space for you..
Ad prices will not change durning the contract period ad spaces are not refundable if you pull the add before the contract period is over..
If you have question please send them to