Featured Articles

This section is made up of writers that want to have their work out there for you to read. They are Guides,Outdoorsmen,and Free Lance Writers. If you would like to see your work added to this section you can contact the Webmaster

Author: Chris "Trimmer" Erwin

Articles: Spring Bassin On Kentucky & Barkely Lakes

Author: Craig Brown AKA Fishhead

Articles: Fishheads Night Fishing Story

Author: Dave Stewart

Articles: OUT ON A LEDGE

This is a "How TO" article on ledge fishing. If you want to improve your summer& winter time fishing this is a must read

Author: Roger Lee Brown " The Bass Coach"

Articles: The Mowak Rig

This is a "How TO" Article on fishing a new system called the "Mo-Wak" Rig. A great article on putting together a new fishing system, by Roger Lee Brown

Articles: Top Water Fishing

This is a "How TO" Article on Top water fishing. A great article on a type of fishing we all love, by Roger Lee Brown

Article:Where’s The Bass?

Great article on finding bass a must read for anyone that loves bass fishing: BY: Roger Lee Brown

Article:The Right Application

This article help anglers find the right equipment for the right job.. a good read! BY: Roger Lee Brown