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Author: Chris Erwin

Articles: The Fall Trip Cave Run 10/11-19-/03

This article is the story of a week trip to Cave Run. It covers the catch and release of some Muskie and Big bass.It's a good read for people looking to make a trip to Cave Run. Its loaded with pictures

Author: Chris Erwin

Articles: A Jump Guide To Musky Fishing

This Article was written to help you make the jump from what ever kind of fishing your doing now. To fishing for Musky. It covers the rods, reels, baits, line, and where to fish. A must read for people looking to make the "JUMP"

Author: Chris Erwin

Articles: Figure Eight Secrets Unlocked

This Article is one that explains the method of employing the figure eight to your fishing bag of tricks

Author: Chris Erwin

Articles: Landing The Musky

This Article describes a method of landing big musky on medium heavy tackle. It is part of the "Jump Guide to Musky Fishing" series

Author: Chris Erwin

Articles: Fall Transition

This Article is takes a look at the Transition from Summer to Fall musky fishing and how you can improve your odds.