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Beaver Lake - Camping 1050 S LAKESHORE DR
Bluegrass Heartlands
Description: No-wake lake fishing and camping.
Features: 3 Primitive Sites, 10 Improved Sites, Electric, Central Water, Store, Open Slips, Boat Launch, Store, Fishing Boats Rentals Phone: 502-839-4402

Beaver Lake in Anderson County is a 158 acre Commonwealth owned lake, located 10 miles west of Lawrenceburg, Ky. off of U.S. 62. The lake was built in 1963 and opened to the public in 1964. It is about 45 miles from Louisville, and less than an hour drive in most cases. The lake supports a nice population of Trophy largemouth bass. Fish as large as 11 lbs have been caught in Beaver Lake. Catch and release is a religion for the people fishing the lake on an everyday basis. The 11 pounder was returned to the lake. There is a population of Ky Bass in the lake and they do get to a nice size in Beaver Lake. The lake made a reputation for itself in the early 80's as having one of the best ratio's of fish caught per hours fishing time of any lake in the Commonwealth. While that ratio is not as high currently recent changes may make that a reality again in the near future. About 2 years ago the KDFWR came in and drew the lake down and used rotenone to destroy the gizzard shad in the lake. This has resulted in a serious growth in the Crappie Population and in the quality of the bluegill and Redear at the lake. More recently the lakes Marina has changed owners and there is a change in name. The Marina is now Fair Winds at Beaver Lake. The new owners are Barbara and Mark Wiggington. Mark is retired Military. Due to the killing off of the Shad population there is a No Shad for bait policy on the lake. The size limit on Bass has also been raised to 15 inches. Early spring is the best time to tie into one of the lunkers that inhabit the lake.

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