Grayson Lake State Park Grayson Lake State Park is as serenely beautiful as it is historically rich. Majestic sandstone bluffs form a walled canyon high above the 1,512-acre lake. In ancient time, the Shawnee and Cherokee camped under the cliffs as they hunted game in the area; and later, pioneers scoured the cliffs for flint arrowheads and saltpetre, an essential ingredient for gunpowder. Early settlers were attracted to the unique geological nature of the area, filled with hopes of finding precious minerals -- diamonds, silver, and gold. Over the years, the rumors of unmined fortunes have been fanned, but the source has never been found. Today, visitors to Grayson Lake need not search far for their favorite pursuits; be it a picnic meal cooked over the grill, a relaxing evening under the stars in a tent or camper, or a performance of the Civil War drama "Someday." The wealth of recreational opportunities from which to choose make Grayson Lake State Park a natural "gem!" Camping

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