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Elk Success After Eight Year Wait

December 10, 2013

By Chris Erwin

For the last eight years, Brent Jones faithfully bought his chance to hunt elk in Kentucky. Year after year he watched as others got their name drawn. It didn’t dilute his desire, if anything, he felt sooner or later his name was going to be drawn.

While some believe the number 13 is unlucky, it sure wasn’t for Jones: 2013 would be his year. Not only was Jones drawn for an elk tag, but his number was drawn for a bull elk tag. Only 200 tags for a bull elk are drawn out of 60,000 entries.

His eight-year wait was about to pay off. Jones, an Ashland resident, got his package from the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife informing him he was indeed selected for a bull Elk tag so what to do next? That is the question every one of you would be asking if you got picked.

This is what Jones did: He started checking with friends. Then he made a visit to scout a few places where he knew they were elk. Then some friends told him he should think about using an outfitter. After checking with Borders Sporting Goods on U.S. 60, he got the name of someone he was told could improve his chances.

That name was Blaine Depoy, owner of B&W Outfitters in Allen, Ky. Jones made contact with him and Depoy listened to Jones and what he hoped to do. Depoy set up a scouting trip where they could look some places over and see if they could find the elk that Jones would want to take.

Brent Jones displaying his 900 pound trophy bull elk he took on Oct 6, 2013 in Knott County, Ky. (photo submitted).

Brent Jones displaying his 900 pound trophy bull elk he took on Oct 6, 2013 in Knott County, Ky. (photo submitted).

I talked to Depoy, and he told me “one of the important things outfitters needed to know is where these big bulls are going to be when it comes times to hunt.” What he was talking about, is what farms or public land they will be on when the season arrives. Depoy has hunting leases on a lot of private land, and that is where they spotted the big bull Jones wanted to try to harvest.

When it came time to hunt, Jones camped at Jenny Wiley State Park campground. He would be hunting on a private farm in Knott County. Oct. 5 would be his first chance to take the giant bull Elk. While they saw other elk, the one Jones had his heart set on appeared with cows all around him. He elected to not take a shot that could hit a female.

On the Oct. 6 at 7:30 a.m., the giant bull elk came into the area. However, this time the cows were far enough away that Jones could get a shot. He rested his gun on a mono pod and waited for a clear shot. As this huge beast moved in to the open, Jones pulled the trigger. The big elk didn’t move. Jones thought maybe he missed.

He aimed again and pulled the trigger a second-time.  The elk still just stood there.

He put another round in the chamber, took aim again, this time moving his aim up to his front shoulder. He squeezed off another round. This time, the elk dropped in his tracks, not taking a step.

Upon examining the elk Jones could see he hit the elk with every shot. However, this massive beast was just hard to bring down quickly.

The elk was estimated at 900 pounds on the hoof. Its rack was a 9×6 non-typical that was green scored at 361 3/8” gross. Jones was told it could end up being one of the top five bull elks ever taken in Kentucky.

I would like personally to congratulate Brent Jones on a trophy of a lifetime. I was told that the mount might end up at the new Dick’s Sporting Goods.

If you happen to get picked for a hunt and you think you want to use an outfitter you can contact Blaine Depoy owner of B&W Outfitters at (606) 369-2254 or (606) 874-9997.

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