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Large Fisheries Habitat Project Planned at Cave Run Lake

December 31, 2013

By Chris Erwin

MOREHEAD It has been said that eastern Kentucky usually gets treated like the stepchild of the state when it comes to investments in recreation. However, I’m pleased to tell you the program the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife is about to undertake will improve the fishing at Cave Run Lake for years to come.

As Cave Run Lake ages, the aquatic habitat is decaying a little more each year. While the weeds have provided some cover, more and diverse structure is needed to help improve the life cycle of support role  insects and small fish. Predators and prey need these insects and small fish to reproduce in numbers that will improve the fishing.

Kentucky Wildlife Biologist Tom Trimmermann explains the goals and extent of the habitat program at a public meeting held at Morehead in December. (Photo by Chris Erwin)

Kentucky Wildlife Biologist Tom Trimmermann explains the goals and extent of the habitat program at a public meeting held at Morehead in December. (Photo by Chris Erwin)

Fish attractors are in most lakes in Kentucky. They are small pods of sunken structure usually no larger than 50 foot by 50 foot. Most have a floating marker letting you know where they are. What is different about this project, is the KDFWL plans to make fish attractors a half mile to a mile long. In some areas they will be integrated into the weeds, while others will provide structure in areas where none exist now.

What is even more exciting is they have selected Cave Run Lake for this pilot program, and I can tell you they need some help. Let me say that again, they need your help! I really want this to work and the only way it’s going to, is if we, the public, get behind this effort and help them with the raw materials they need to pull this off.

What they need are things to make these fish attractors. Including: plastic pallets, cable reels, wood pallets, plastic pipe, cedar trees, and large plastic wire ties. A larger list can be obtained from the KDFWL. The materials will be stored near the fish hatchery at Cave Run Lake where they will be made into proven habitat.

If you have any of these needed raw materials, the DFWL is asking for your donations to help with this project. If your company needs a tax deduction for donated items, you are asked to contact Tom Timmermann at 606-783-8650 or email at tomtimmermann@ky.gov and Joseph Zimmerman at 502-564-7109 or email at joseph.zimmerman@ky.gov  Wal-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot, or any other company that may be discarding these items can also help by calling the numbers and arrange the pickup of unwanted items.

Fishing clubs can also get involved by volunteering to help construct and place attractors in the lake. They can also help with the picking up of raw materials. I hope you will get involved and help make our eastern lakes better.

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