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Eastern Kentucky Fishing Report Feb. 12

February 12, 2014

This fishing report was compiled for the week of Feb 11, 2014

Editor’s note: While little has change from last week it is worth noting that the Ohio River is mostly ice free as of the writing of this report. However, it is high and remains hard to fish. Greenbo Lake has had little activity from ice fisherman and it remains in a state of flux as it begins to melt this week. If you decided to get out on any ice, be safe. One mistake could cost you your life. Trimmer308@windstream.net

Cave Run Lake: The lake has been coming up from all the rains and snow and is currently four foot over summer pool (724.3 elevation). This has broken up a lot of the ice in the river. However, the lake has had no activity. We will be changing our report on this lake as the activity begins. Musky: The muskie fishing has been slow this week. Largemouth Bass: According to the last active report bass were being taken on shakey-head jigs fishing weed edges that fall into deep water. Fish were marked as deep as 25-30 feet and the bite was very slow and light. Smallmouth: We had no reports this week for smallmouth. Slow moving “A” rigs should produce fishing deep structure. Crappie: The crappie fishing was fair using live bait in treetops near channel bends. Catfish: We didn’t have any reports on catfish this week. If you had any success drop us a line and tell us what you were using.

Scott Doan holding a 4.5-pound Smallmouth caught Feb. 1, 2014 on Laurel River Lake. (Photo submitted)

Scott Doan holding a 4.5-pound Smallmouth caught Feb. 1, 2014 on Laurel River Lake. (Photo submitted)

Grayson Lake: The lake has been holding water to protect downstream property. Levels have been at about summer pool. However, we have not received any fishing activity. Information is based on the last active report. Bass: Unchanged. Fish shakey-head jigs on points. Fish were in 15-20 feet of water. The fish wanted to hit the jig while it was right on the bottom. Crappie: Fair, fishing swim jigs around down timber and brush piles. Catfish: Slow fishing live bait from the heads of coves near discharge areas.

Greenbo Lake: We had reports that Greenbo Lake is frozen over. If you go to the lake do not get out on the ice unless you are sure it can hold your weight. Bass: Slow. Trout: Greenbo has been stocked twice in recent months with rainbow trout. Fishing is reported as fair using Berkley Powerbait and small spinners or jigs. Catfish: We didn’t get any reports this week on catfish.

Ohio River: The Ohio River while much of the ice has disappeared, the water levels have been too high for below the dam fishing. We will update this weekly. This report was the last active report. Largemouth Bass: Slow with little reports of activity. Crankbaits, jigs and blade baits are should produce during this slow period. Below the dam:  Twin tail grubs on ¼ oz. ball jigs are the best producers of Sauger and Walleye using slow bump-the-bottom retrieves. Running a two-jig setup produces better strikes. One of the two baits needs to be a little off of the bottom. White Bass: Slow with few reported catches. Bass: We are looking for some new reports on the bass fishing above the dam. If you get on the water help us out! Catfish: slow.

Yatesville Lake: Yatesville water levels have been about eight feet over winter pool as the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers have held water to prevent downstream flooding. The fishing has been unchanged with no active report this week. Our report is the last active report from this lake. We will update it weekly as conditions change. The water has been clear and is stable at 30 degrees. Bass: The middle of the day continues to be the prime time hours. Jigs and vertical blade baits have produced fair catches. Crappie: Fair. Fish the edges of flats in channel bends and old fish attractors using 1/32 oz. white crappie jigs or live bait. We have seen some anglers improving their odds drifting across fish attractors using both live bait and jigs. Catfish: slow.

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