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Cave Run Lake Habitat Project Underway

August 8, 2014

By Chris Erwin
If you read this column regularly you know we have told you about the habitat program the Department of Fish and Wildlife have planned for Cave Run Lake in Morehead Kentucky.

DFWL prepare to place fish attractors in Cave Run Lake

DFWL prepare to place fish attractors in Cave Run Lake

It has been coined the largest habitat program for a lake that the DFWL has ever planned. Today I got word from Tom Timmerman the biologists heading up the project that it is indeed full steam ahead.
This project needs your help, and it’s your chance to get your hands dirty and at the same time know exactly where this habitat is being placed in the lake.

What the DFWL has done to this point is to start in Stony Cove. From the first “No Boats” buoy at Stony Cove to Adams Point, hundreds of units of brush were added to the lake.

Some of these units included Christmas tree units, wooden pallet structures, bucket stake beds and much more. They are working on updating their habitat map. I will make it available here or online as it is completed.
Secondly, they will be continuing to work on the first phase of this project on the week of August 11th. They have decided to make some changes to the schedule, and I wanted you to be aware of these changes, should you plan on assisting them with the project.

Stake beds are being loaded to be move to habitat locations where they will be place in the water photos by  Pam Martin, USFS

Stake beds are being loaded to be move to habitat locations where they will be place in the water photos by Pam Martin, USFS

On Monday August 11th, they will be moving material from the Fish Hatchery to the boat ramp area at Clay Lick. On Tuesday August 12th, they will be building habitat structures at the Clay Lick boat ramp. On Wednesday August 13th, they will be sinking items in the lake (again working out of the Clay Lick boat ramp). They will not be having a Saturday workday with this portion of the project, but please feel free to come out and assist them on any day you can make it. Those that helped last week can attest to the fact that there is plenty of work to be done, and they can use as many people as possible to achieve their goals.

It’s not often that the eastern part of the state becomes the polite for new improving projects. This lake is the largest lake on this end of the state and has the best chance for real improvement in multi-species fish production. I hope some of you can take the time to come out and help.

I personally will try to be there on Wed the 13th to assist and to document the progress of this unprecedented project. Helpers are needed for the 11th, 12th and 13th of August come on out and help make this project a success.

Finally, the DFWL wanted to extend a “thank you” to all those that have helped them with the project so far. A lot has happened behind the scenes, to make this project a success. Several folks have been a huge help in getting volunteers out to help them, and those volunteers have been the key to what has happened to date! Keep in mind that this is just the first phase of the project; they will need to start collecting material again at the end of August. If you think, you have something they can use, please give them a call! Tom Timmerman 606-783-8650 or email to tom.trimmerman@ky.gov

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