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Forest Service recreation areas close due to flooding

March 9, 2015

WINCHESTER, Ky., March 9, 2015 – The rising water of Cave Run Lake is flooding recreation areas in the Daniel Boone National Forest. Some boat ramps are currently unusable, and some camping areas are under water. These sites are currently closed.
“Along with the snow melt, rain is in the forecast for the next several days,” said Acting District Ranger Tim Eling. “As a result, additional recreation areas and some roads could potentially close later this week, depending on the amount of rainfall received.

“The ground is so saturated right now that the soil cannot absorb any more water.

“Mudslides are another concern. Trees could easily uproot and fall, and large boulders could also break away and slide downhill, especially along steep slopes.”

Drivers should use caution and watch for rushing flood waters and debris on roadways. Flood waters can be powerful enough to roll vehicles, destroy bridges and tear out roads.

Forest Service roads in the Red River Gorge are closed at this time due to ground saturation. These roads were closed last week to prevent further damage to the road surface and promote public safety.

Campers are encouraged to avoid low-lying areas. Creeks and rivers can rise quickly, and water depth can be difficult to determine after daylight hours.

“To determine if Forest Service roads or recreation areas are closed due to flooding, visitors are urged to call the office of the district where they wish to visit,” added Eling.

Daniel Boone National Forest visitors may call the following offices for more information.

• Cumberland Ranger District (Cave Run Lake) 606-784-6428

• Gladie Visitor Center (Red River Gorge) 606-663-8100

• London Ranger District (Laurel River Lake) 606-864-4163

• Redbird Ranger District 606-598-2192

• Stearns Ranger District 606-376-5323
For Immediate Release

Contact: Tim Eling


East Fork of Indian Creek in Red River Gorge temporarily closed for stream restoration

WINCHESTER, Ky., March 9, 2015 – Fisheries habitat and water quality in the East Fork of Indian Creek, Menifee County, are about to improve.

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources and Daniel Boone National Forest are joining forces to restore land and water quality in this popular area near the Red River Gorge. The area will be temporarily closed while project activities are ongoing.

“The first stage of the project will be the removal of two low water dams and two plank crossings,” said Tim Eling, Acting District Ranger for the Cumberland Ranger District. “These manmade structures are preventing natural water flow, causing soil erosion along the banks, and impeding fish travel up and down the stream.

“The restoration project will correct the erosion issues and improve water quality, recover habitat for aquatic and terrestrial species, and enhance recreational opportunities in the area for camping, hiking and fishing.”

Some additional campsites will be constructed for forest visitors and local residents who enjoy the Indian Creek area. Excess soil from the stream restoration project will be used to develop the new campsites.

Forest visitors will see noticeable improvements as new campsites and parking areas are developed. Hikers and anglers will be able to walk trails following completion of the restoration project.

Once the existing low water dams and plank crossings are removed, a more natural, low-water crossing will be constructed that people can easily cross on foot and fish can readily maneuver.

A gate will be installed nearly one mile from the current end of Forest Service Road 9B to reduce the frequency of vehicle traffic. By limiting vehicle traffic in this area, water quality will be improved by reducing sediment into the stream. The road will remain open for administrative use and public foot travel.
As part of the project, Forest Service Road 2011 will be decommissioned for use, but this closure will not affect tourism in the Indian Creek area or in the Red River Gorge. This road is currently overgrown and is not utilized by motorized vehicles. This road is not necessary for land management in the area.

Trout stocking will be temporarily suspended at Indian Creek while project activities are being conducted. Trout stocking will resume as scheduled in October 2015.

Project activities are expected to begin by mid-March and continue over the next four to six months. During this time, all of Forest Service Road 9B will be closed.

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