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Crash’s Landing Lives on Reopening under new ownership

July 1, 2016

By Chris Erwin

In recent times, we have only had two men who have been inducted into the Fishing Hall of Fame in Kentucky: Soc Clay, of South Shore, and Crash Mullins, of Olive Hill. On Sept the 19, David “Crash” Mullins passed from this life to the next.
Crash was a personal friend of mine. I considered him to be a legend on Cave Run Lake near Morehead. The lake has been called the “Muskie Capital of the South,” a term that Crash used every time he described his home lake.

Matt Blackburn the new owner of Crash's Landing invites everyone to stop in and see what the new store has to offer Photo by Chris Erwin)

Matt Blackburn the new owner of Crash’s Landing invites everyone to stop in and see what the new store has to offer Photo by Chris Erwin)

While Mullins never lost his love for promoting the lake he cared so much about, there was no question it was a battle. His story of fighting on two fronts led me to admire him, and I truly felt we had become good friends. We had long talks sometimes for hours when we all got together for our annual Kentucky Outdoor Press Association conference.

He would tell me of his battle as the cancer would beat him down, then he would come roaring back and the next thing I knew his battle stories were about his favorite foe: The monsters of Cave Run Lake.

He would often text me or call me when he was in the Myeloma Center in Arkansas undergoing his treatments. I guess the waiting went a little easier if he could take his mind away from it and talk a little fishing. I felt privileged to hear from him.

Crash told me he didn’t want his name to fade away on Cave Run Lake, so he made plans to make sure Crash’s Landing would live on. Matt Blackburn, also a guide on Cave Run, would be the person Crash turned to making sure the famous Crash’s Landing would continue to serve the lake and provide the help that visitors came to expect when visiting the area.
The new location is right next door to the old store, so if you have ever visited it in the past you won’t need to hunt for it. Matt told me they will be providing the same things they always have including the most popular Muskie fishing baits on the lake. He said they plan to expand into bass, crappie and catfish supplies as well. They also can provide you with the latest information, techniques and equipment for fishing Kentucky’s famous Cave Run Lake.

I asked Matt about booking a trip, and he told me that they have enough guides on staff to book your trip about anytime you want. However, it’s always best to check ahead some mid-summer trips may be too hot for good results. They also want to remind you to get your fishing license before you show up for your trip.
I personally have fished this lake from the very first day they let us on the water in 1972. The lake has just gotten better ever since.

Three different biologists have concentrated on it over the years, and each has improved the quality of fish you can expect to catch.I truly believe the next state record will come from this lake. As did the last one caught by a 14-year-old girl by the name of Sarah Terry. If you want to try your luck at catching one of these trophy Muskie lurking in the waters of Cave Run Lake contact: Matt Blackburn by calling (606) 780-4260 or email him at matt@crashslanding.com. He can get you booked and ready for a lifetime trip on one of the most famous big fish lakes in the south.

Chris Erwin is the Author of Camping Kentucky, founder and publisher of Kentucky Angling News an on-line magazine available at www.kentuckyangling.com/magazine Chris can be reached by email chris@ashlandbeacon.com

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