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September brings colder water and hotter fishing

September 20, 2019

BY Chris Erwin

With water temperatures soring near 80, the fishing is always limited. Many anglers turn to night fishing or at least the low-light periods when fish make selective passes at shallow water. However, as we head into September, the cool nights start to bring the temps down, and the magic number is below 70 degrees. When this happens, the fish will become more active, and all forms of angling improve.

Blake Howard 16 of Ashland KY, displays his 23 in Kentucky Bass caught on Grayson lake while fishing with his brother-in-law (photo submitted)

I got to talk to Aaron Clark this week. Clark now lives in Westwood and attended Fairview High school back when he was in school. He is an avid fisherman, and as we head into September, he has developed a method for catching bass that we thought we would share with you.

He uses four fishing rods, two bait casting rods both rigged with small buzzbaits. The other two are spinning rods using light line, he uses six-pound Spider Wire, and on these, two rods, he likes to throw weightless Flukes. We all adopt lures that we gain confidence in, and for him, the secret color is Watermellon-seed green. This is slow fishing, you need to take your time and let the bait float down to the bottom, giving it a little twitch now and then to make it appear to be a dying baitfish.

A week or so ago he was fishing with his brother-in-law Blake Howard a 16-year-old from Ashland. Blake attends Paul G. Blazer High School where he is a junior. Using the method described here they manage to catch some good bass on Grayson Lake. Howard caught one Kentucky Bass 23-inches long weighing over five pounds. The weight was estimated since they released the fish. The state record Kentucky Bass is 7lbs-10 oz caught back in 1970.

Aaron Clark of Westwood KY holds his fish caught using the method described in this article, Aaron is 38, and the brother-in-law to Blake Howard (Photo submitted)

The method used by Aaron and Blake will work on just about any of our local fishing locations. I’ve been told that it also has been the weapon used on Yatesville Lake by many tournament anglers.
Another lure that works much the same way, and is worth having tied on one of your fishing rods is the “Whacky Worm” its action is much the same, you just let the weightless worn fall as you add little twitches to give it life. I have had great success with this bait in spring and as the water falls back into the mid-60s.

Clark had success fishing the hard bottom areas on the main lake of Grayson. Many of the small cuts and coves provide enough shade to make them prime areas to test this method.
I know that many anglers will start thinking about the upcoming hunting season, some will even lie down their rods as we start the most exciting part of the year. I plan to be on the water most of October where I hope to report in this column just how I’m doing.

October is the month of big fish both bass and muskie I hope to get both on my line as I spend about 20 days on the water during the month.
If you catch a big fish, send me a picture and a way to get in touch with you. I love sharing your stories with our readers. I would also like to thank all of the people that have been sending letters and calling me asking how I’m doing. I’m doing better, your prayers and good wishes have given me the courage to keep going and improving. I’m really looking forward to this fall, and I hope to see you on the water. Until next time keep your line wet and take a kid fishing.

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