The Cherokee Nation-The Fishing-The People

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This magazine form is something a little new here but I thought it would be a good way to display the fun trip to the Smoky Mountains and a stream fishing dream!
The inside arrows turn the pages, the outside arrows close or start the magazine over.

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Outdoor writer/photographer Chris Erwin has been active in the outdoors for more than forty years, 15 years as president of NM Bassmasters, four years director of the Kentucky B.A.S.S. Federation, Musky Guide from 1986-1992, Founder of Kentucky Angling.Com, Freelance writer for 12 years, currently the Secretary of the Kentucky Outdoor Press Associations, and Editor of Kentucky Angling News Magazine Chris is also the Outdoor editor for the Greater Ashland Beacon Newspaper. 


  2 comments for “The Cherokee Nation-The Fishing-The People

  1. I enjoyed reading the article and loved the photos. I grew up trout fishing in the mountains so I may just have to go there and make my own experience ;). Thank You for sharing.

  2. I wanted to update this post I got another (3 this spring) calls from a guys in Cincy Ohio, Dayton and Flatwoods KY also wanted the number of Freda Husky the trip group coordinator for the Cherokee Nation here is her updated number 1-828-497-1058 if you call her, tell them you read it on Kentucky Angling News Magazine. for a six-year-old article, it continues to get a lot of views

    Chris Erwin

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