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Mar. 21, 2010

Up dated by Chris Littlebear Erwin Webmaster, Freelance Writer
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crbass01 (447K)Hello Friends!
I would like to take a few minutes to tell you about Kentucky Angling

I have been building web pages since the beginning of the first browsers that would display text and pictures on the same page, I have always though it was a great idea to promote the outdoors that I love so much. The pages started out to be crude but as tools have become more advanced and the browsers have progress in ability, the web has exploded with sites produced by talented webmasters that have put many hours in finding ways that better communicate with the public.

Our reason for building KentuckyAngling was to connect people with resources that could enhance their time in the outdoors, in doing so, we knew that it could improve your skills and make your time more fruitful both on and off the water.

We are proud to say that more than 190,000 Ip addresses have visited our site, with over 12 million views and over 33 thousand topics have been posted and commented on. I feel like it has been worth my effort to keep our members and readers informed about events and news that impact the outdoor world.
For the most part, this has been a one man show, although I do have moderators that have helped in managing our forums, all of them have been wonderful to work with, I'm also always looking for volunteers to help grow KentuckyAngling.

Before you ask, or think about asking, KentuckyAngling has to date never made a profit, every cent that it has collected from the sell of products in our two stores goes to cover operating cost, server fees, and tools to build and maintain the site.
It's not that we don't want to make money, but it has never been the motivation of this site.

We are here because we want to promote our state, improve our outdoor skills, and help protect the heritage and pride that are instilled in good stewardship of our fish and game.

I hope that in your discovery of our site that you will help support us by purchasing products from our stores. We do our best to give good value to our members, building lures that have proven to be real fish catching tools.

Enjoy :)

About The Man Chris "The Trimmer" Erwin

April 1st, 2010

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crbass_9 (19K)

Chris Erwin was born on the banks of the Ohio River so fishing is something he has done all of his life.

His formal fishing career began in 1971 when he joined his first bass club, Erwin later formed a new bass club called "National Mine Bassmasters", for the next 15 years he would hold the office of president, he would also be elected as the Director of "The Kentucky Federation of BASS" holding that office for the four years.

In 1986 he would end his tournament participation in bass events to become a Guide on Cave Run Lake near Morehead Kentucky.
There he guided for muskie and bass until 1991 at that time Erwin started his writing and publishing career.

The "Trimmer" nickname that has stuck, comes from the fact that he owns and operates an auto trim shop where he and his family has been recovering and restyling auto and marine interiors for over thirty years. The shops' name is "Southside Upholstery & Auto Trim" Located in Ashland Ky.

For the next few years he would study computer programming, web development, and computer repair, while at the same time developing a host of fishing related websites.

In 2002 he started building the first pages of this website while writing and blogging his fishing know how, by 2004 Erwin had joined the "Kentucky Outdoor Press Association" with mentors like Soc Clay and Etta Pettijohn, he has continued to write freelance for many outdoor publications, while becoming an award wining writer and publisher of "KentuckyAngling News Magazine".

Erwin would go on to become editor and publisher of the KOPA(The Kentucky Outdoor Press Association) newsletter. In late 2008 he was elected Secretary of the "Kentucky Outdoor Press Association" and still holds that office today.

“It is my hope to teach, to learn, and to improve the opportunities for anyone that seeks the know how to become an outdoorsman, it has been my dream, my life, and my passion
Chris Erwin”

The Lures

littlebear (37K)"Littlebear Lures" The name comes from my Cherokee heritage, but the quality comes from thirty years of building products that I'm very proud of. Our fishing lures are "hand made" one at a time.

We don't try to make everything, we just try to make lures that work, In all my years of fishing you learn what works and what is a waste of your money. Everyone of our baits has been proven to be fishing catching models that will become staples in your fishing box.

If you have never fished our hand made baits you should do yourself a favor and try them. Our in-line Muskie spinners have hundreds of big fish catches under their belt, we can build them to suit you, since most of our baits are made to order. No.. They are not cheap, but they are the best you can buy, and we have a replacement guarantee on everything we build, if it doesn't work the way it should, we will replace it free of charge.

bearclawad (18K)All the money that comes from lure sales goes to run this website. If I can help you, email me, and we can build the baits to your special needs. Producing fishing lures and building custom rods has become a passion for me, Our focus is not on volume but on quality, If you're looking for the best e-mail us, we and will start you on the path of custom lures or handmade fishing rods.

Thank you for your visit:

  1. Fishing & hunting Info.
  2. Custom fishing tackle
  3. Boat covers, interiors, carpets, camper sets

  4. If we can help you in anyway email us, we have been helping outdoorsmen for 30 years. It is our hope that the people that come here leave with something that can make their life better!