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Ad made by us
This is a typical banner ad that we produced, this one is animated so you can get more message in the same space, this banner was about $20.00 ad-0n if you don't have your ad already made, in most cases we can resize most ads without cost if needed.

This page is here to give you a few guide lines and ideas about how you might want to advertise with KentuckyAngling.

Before we get started talking about what we will do for you I want to get a few things out of the way.

1. We don't sell advertising to or for adult sites, we feel that KentuckyAngling is for the whole family and adult subjects have there place, but not with us.

2. We don't sell advertising by the click, I think this was something that some programmer came up with, because I can make those numbers anything I want them to come up to, so I personally don't think this is a truly honest way to do business, we give you a price, and it doesn't change, you know how long its going to run and when it will come due again.

Ok now that thats over, lets talk about what we can do for you, we have a plan for almost everyone that is serious about getting their message out.

Buy a spot in just the magazine, or just the message board, or just the main site, and of course we can put your ad on everything.

Prices depend on size of ad, if we build it for you, and how long you want it to run..

Instead of trying to list every price for every kind of ad.. I suggest you write me and tell what you would like to have, and we can work you a deal that will fit your needs and budget.

Our news letter reaches 3,000 subscribers, plus our message board has hundreds of views each day along with that we know that our newsletter gets forwarded all over the US, we have heard from almost every state saying that they have got a copy of our publication. The new Magazine will always be on line as new issues come out, old issued will be just a click away for anyone looking for a particular subject and if you buy an ad in that issue it will always be there.

Let us help you to expose your products, website, online store,or any other message you want to see out there where it can work for you

Thank you,
Chris Erwin My Email