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firefox Are you an up and coming writer, would you like to get a story published.. Well this is your chance, as we expand we will be looking for outdoor stories, This magazine is different than most in that it is current (not working on a three month lag) so your stories should be current if they are time sensitive. We think stories are better with photo's but they are not required, stories will not be returned unless self addressed stamped envelope is inclosed with the story.

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- Chris "Trimmer" Erwin

KentuckyAngling News is one of the fastest growing online publications covering regional outdoor news, it is our goal to give you a window into the outdoor world that is right in your back door, exploring the fishing, hunting, and beauty of the appalachian area through stories and photography from some of the people that live it every day.

Bob Epstein

A Spot light on a great American writer

firefox Bob Epstein has authored 7 books on travel and food. He has been a prolific freelancer for 35-years, and owns a home farm in TN. and FL. Bob makes sure he doesn't overlook the fishing anywhere he lives or travels, and actually eats his way across the U.S.A. for his and his wife's syndicated columns: "On The Road Again" and "Stop & Smell the Roses."

Bob has written a Striper article for us that he experienced last fall. I want to personally thank Bob for his contribution to KentuckyAngling News, we will be looking forward to publishing more of his travel and fishing experiences as he travels across the US reporting on some of the breath taking locations he has a chance to visit.

Bob is an active member of the Kentucky Outdoor Press Association. The place I got to meet Bob, He has travel not just the US but the world, writing about his experiences as well as sampling the fishing and good eats from every part of his travels, if you get the chance to read one of his books you won't be sorry.

Thanks Bob!

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Stripers From Hook To Plate

By: Bob Epstein

There are few things more satisfying and exciting for an angler than the take of a strong hard running and fighting fish with shoulders. The striped bass is one of the few inshore fish that fits that description.

The 63,000 acre, 1255 miles of shoreline of Lake Cumberland in Kentucky, offers some of the finest freshwater striper fishing, anywhere. All around the country state game and fish commissions have introduced these 7-black lines to the sides fish as a predator control fish to control the gizzard shad and for recreational fishing purposes.

The fish are found in saltwater along the Atlantic coastline from the St. Laurence River into the Gulf of Mexico to around Louisiana. These bass spawn in freshwater and are anadramous and migrate between salt and freshwater. In 2007, President Bush in an Executive Order named the Striped Bass as a protected game fish.

Kenlake and Rough River State Parks to Host Bowfishing Events

FRANKFORT, Ky. - If you want to learn about the growing sport of bowfishing, or if you're already accomplished at the sport and want to compete, two Kentucky state resort parks have events for you coming up this month and May. Read more...

Camper Appreciation Events Planned At State Parks April 24-26

FRANKFORT, Ky. - Celebrate the return of spring at one of Kentucky's State Park campgrounds. With over 30 campgrounds located throughout the Commonwealth, guests can be assured of finding the perfect location to meet their adventure tourism needs. Read more...

The Kentucky Crappie Connection

By:Chris Erwin

Spring! That sounds like a sweet song to me; waiting on the flowers to bloom and trees to put on their coat of green foliage is almost too much to wait on.

The good thing, it's just around the corner, and with it comes the spring crappie fishing, this is the only fish I harvest these days.

In my opinion it is the best eating fish that swims, I'm sure they are some of you that doesn't agree with me, but it will never change my mind, from the livewell to the plate, this is the fish I catch to keep. Read more...

More Powerful than any bait in your Box

By:Chris Erwin

The day was windy and cold, white caps and bending branches would bare witness to the first day on the water for me this year. It didn't take long to know this was going to be a tough beginning to the 2009 season, sitting in the boat wondering what would be the best way to come up with a lease a fish or two, to show you, would put me to the same test that many of you will face, if you choose a day that you can go, instead of the day that is ideal. Read more...