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2009 Area 9 Special Olympics

By: Chris Erwin

This is the third year I have covered the Area 9 Special Olympics, I do it for a few reasons, one being I think for the most part these kids and adults are hidden to most of us.

Oh.. We may see one of these special people as we go about our daily lives, but very few of us actually take the time to see what these kids go through from day to day.

It's true that I have an inside view of that, since one of my grand kids suffer from autism.

Scotty (my grandson) is truly a special person, his method of coming to a conclusion may be different, but it can be very insightful as well. He sees the world through what one comedian referred to as "new eyes". They are times he can move me to tears, with what to him, is just the way he views the world, and of course with any affliction that takes him over, he acts out only to be so sorry to the point of you forgetting the eruption that was building and must find a way to vent.

I don't mean to forget all the kids that suffer from other problems other than autism They all have needs and I wish we could wave a wand and change the condition that all the children and adults suffer with from day to day.

That said, I think it worth some ink here to say that autism has become an epidemic Why do I say that, because the rate of kids that are affected with this disease has risen from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 100 think about that for a minute, that's more kids affected than when small pox's or polio was at its worse, it's almost with out question being stimulated by something in our lives, yet our government for the most part only gives lip service to finding and curing the causes of this defect.

I'm not going to get to high on my soap box because I want to show you these people.

Take the time to look at my pictures, see with me the special people that fight the pain and hardship it takes for them to do the things we take for granted everyday.

The pride they feel to win for a change, the feeling of people cheering them on to the finish line.

It can be over whelming to me, I know if you take the time to look through my lens you will see the feeling I experience every time I go to this event.

I want to take the time to thank all the people that make this event happen, you are truly special people in your own right, please never stop helping this world is a better place because of your compassion and love.

Now I'm going to shut up and just show you a group of pictures. Thanks for clicking on this link and God Bless You!

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Thank you for reading this far. I know that this is an outdoor publication but in our lives we have a chance from time to time to make a difference, I hope you will support your local Special Olympics and help give these special people a feeling of belonging, we all want to be excepted loved and valued