Collapse-A-Cup review
By Chris Erwin
We have a policy here at Kentucky Angling News if you send us a product for review we will do so.

Our reviews are honest efforts to tell what we found out about a product by using it in the field. Now for the producers of these products; this could be a great way to extend your coverage of your product. However, if your claims don’t live up to the hype, it can work against you.

I have tested this cup for a week. I used it in a tree stand, in a boat, in my office and while hiking a trail in Daniel Boone National Forest.

Before I go on click on the video provided by Collapse_A_Cup so you can see the proper way to extend the cup and lock it in place.


I found it needs to be opened the way the video describes it to make sure it locks in place. When I looked at it extended my first though was I bet this thing won’t hold a full can of soda or a 16-ounce coffee. I was wrong it holds a full can of pop with about 3/4 of an inch left and of course the same goes for coffee.

Next test if I close the sip plug will it leak if I turn it upside-down… something that might happen if I’m lifting it into a deer stand, or it turns over in my boat. So how did it do? I did this test 20 times both with hot coffee and cold soda. I took the time to make sure the sip plug was completely shut.
The test was similar with both hot and cold products half of the time the contents did not leak and about half the time, it leaked only slightly. However, the hotter the contents the more it failed; to be clear, this wasn’t just turning over the cup this was holding it upside down. My impression was this cup did a good job of holding its contents even in adverse conditions.

The next test was, how long would it keep hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold? I filled the cup with hot coffee closed the lid and snapped the sip plug closed and put it in the freezer. I know this is not something you’re going to do but this is a test right? Ten minutes later, the coffee is still hot, 15 minutes and the coffee is still very warm and 30 minutes the coffee was tapped. I again felt the cup did a pretty good job considering the top of the cup, and the very bottom is not as insulated from the rest of the cup.

Doing the cold test had similar results. I set the cup on an oak board and then set it on my wood stove in about 30 minutes the cold soda was room temperature not bad considering I put a glass of ice in a steel sauce pan on the same board and in 30 minutes it was steaming.

My next test was about how durable the cup is, to test this. I tossed it out of a deer stand. It survived with no problems. Then I pitched over my head while going about 40 miles an hour on four wheeler on a gravel road this dislodged the top but still didn’t break it. So again I give it a passing grade.

Cons: You can’t just jerk the cup open it won’t lock into place. The parts of the cup will come completely apart, which could cause you to lose some part of it. When I put hot chocolate in the cup, I found I needed to pull it apart to get all parts of it clean.

My conclusions were this is a well-made traveling cup/mug and worth the investment they should make a camo color, the gray/black cup they sent me wasn’t bad but for the hunter, the camo color would be nice. For the backpacker, it takes up little space and can be used to hold soups, drinks and other eatables.
If you are interested in purchasing the cup, you can visit their website “Collapse_A_Cup home page

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